10 Aralık 2009 Perşembe


roxylucy- omg did i tell you what embarrassing thing happened to me the other day?
hedgab- not that i know of
roxylucy- ok. well, i was visiting my friend in the hospital
hedgab- yeah
roxylucy- and so i was leaving
roxylucy- but in the next room, i noticed a man covered in machinery, shivering.
roxylucy- and i thought that was sad, so i pulled the blanket up for him
roxylucy- and, with his breathing mask on, says, "can you see if my testicles are black"
hedgab- omg really?
roxylucy- i tried to decline, but he looked so frail and desperate
roxylucy- so i checked to make sure no one was looking
roxylucy- and i looked at it and it was just fine
hedgab- haha ok
roxylucy- so i was like, "nope, none of it is black"
roxylucy- and he takes off his mask and says, "can you see if my test results are back"

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